Bronze Worm Gear

Usual Bronze Worm Gear Applications
The high torque output of worm gears makes them ideal for heavily loaded machinery. Some of the most common applications for worm gears consist of:
Movable bridge components
The controlled and Bronze Worm Gear china powerful movement of worm gears are ideal for inducing movements in large and heavy bridge structures.
Elevators, lifts, packaging gear, and conveyors
Worm gears are accustomed to provide the torque needed to transport heavy loads from one point to another. The non-reversible properties of the gear also act as a second safety braking system.
Heavy-duty construction equipment and trucks
Heavy vehicles often use a worm equipment differential for additional power. Based on the action of the automobile, different amounts of torque may need to be sent to each wheel. Worm gears are accustomed to provide the necessary torque that governs each wheel’s performance.