cyclo motor

Ever-Power speed reducer
Production range
・Reduction ratio:5~1440
・Motor type:Three stage・premium efficiency・high effectiveness・for inverters・single phase・outdoor・waterproof・improved explosion cyclo motor resistence・overseas standard・input hollow

Ever-Power gear motor
Production range
・Reduction ratio:3~200
・Motor type:Three phase・premium efficiency・high performance・for inverters・single phase・outdoor・improved explosion resistence・overseas standard

Ever-Power speed reducer
Production range
・Reduction ratio:2.5~658503
・Motor type:Three phase・premium efficiency・high effectiveness・for inverters・outdoor・improved explosion resistence・explosion-evidence・overseas standard・input hollow

The speed reducer which decelerates the rotational speed and generates outputs. “Ever-Power speed reducer” is certainly a best-selling item that achieves excellent durability and high efficiency with its ingenious arc-designed gears, and its own features are an array of reduction ratios and steady torque. The “Ever-Power gear motor”, which is a parallel shaft, is small and easy to use. The “Ever-Power acceleration reducer” of the orthogonal axis corresponds to various applications. In case you are looking for a quickness reducer in Thailand, please contact us.
Main product lineup

Lubrication Method Grease lubricated or Oil Lubricated (essential oil Pump lubrication avaliable)
Approach to Coupling with Driven Machine Coupling, gears, chain sprocket or belt
Standard CE, UL, CSA, CCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001