Mechanical Coupling

Coupling Selection
The items below is highly recommended in choosing the mechanical coupling:
1 The magnitude and nature of the required transmitted torque, certain requirements for buffering and damping functions, and whether resonance might occur.
2 The relative displacement between the center lines of the two shafts which might be due to manufacturing and assembly mistakes, shaft loading, thermal expansion deformation or relative movement between components.
3 Applicable dimensions and installation methods, and the required operating space for hassle-free assembly, adjustment and maintenance. For huge couplings, it must be feasible to disassemble the shaft without axial motion.
Mechanical Coupling
Gear coupling
Sleeve coupling
Curved jaw coupling
Drum gear coupling
Flexible pin coupling
Flexible jaw coupling
Tyre coupling
Cross shaft universal coupling
Grid coupling
Roller chain coupling
Plate flexible coupling
Flange coupling
Oldham coupling
Nylon internal gear coupling
Ball coupling
Safety friction coupling
Clamping coupling

Our selection of quality couplings and adaptors provide permanent solutions for joining pipes in drinking water, sewage and commercial applications.
Couplings, adaptors and dismantling joints are easy elements to overlook in a large scale infrastructure projects. However, it’s important that you decide on quality connecting products to maintain pipeline integrity.
Featuring universal couplings, step couplings, flange adaptors and end caps, our range offers a thorough selection of durable, dependable and innovative options. With a huge selection obtainable, our connection elements are suited for make use of in pressure and non-pressure potable, non-potable water, and sewerage systems.
The designs are intentionally versatile, for unrivaled on-site versatility: coupling ends are capable of joining pipe with the same or differing outdoors diameters. Additionally, the majority of fittings are available with optional axial end restraint.

Our range of unrestrained mechanical couplings comply with AS/NSZ 4998 for potable and non-potable water applications.
The Clover unrestrained mechanical coupling range is ideal for connecting and repairing cool water piping systems.
Three bolt coupling design up to DN150 for fast field set up.
Could be installed without disassembling making installation quick and simple.
Captive bolt head for one spanner operation, simplifying field assembly.
Qualified to AS/NSZ 4998.
Our high strength 316 stainless steel mechanical couplings join a wide variety of pipe components and can be utilized to join pipes with equal or differing outside diameters (Up to 27mm). This makes the coupling ideal for becoming a member of PVC-O, PVC-M, PVC-U, GRP, ductile iron, asbestos cement, and steel.
While this product is manufactured with a lightweight 316 Stainless Steel barrel and fasteners, and feature wedge shape EPDM Seals, it isn’t recommended for use on polyethylene pipe.
Properties, dimensions and standards
Size Range: DN80 – DN600.
Allowable Operating Pressure: 1600kPa.
Optimum Temperature: 60 C.
Certifications: AS/NZS 4998:2009 & AS/NZS 4020.
WSAA Appraisal: PA1728.
Mechanical Coupling with PE Tail
Transition Coupling for gas -20°C to +40°C.
The Ever-power Series 604 mechanical coupler with PE tail has been designed as a transition fitting to join metallic and PE gas pipes. The mechanical coupler is made to be universal in most diameters whilst the PE end comes in SDR17 PE80 pipe suitable for the low and moderate pressure network.
Universal fitting range
Low torque
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
Supplied from stock
Designed according to GIS/PL3
Mechanical Coupling
We certainly are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons the best quality array of Mechanical Coupling.
Jaw Coupling
We are successfully engaged in offering a wide gamut of Jaw Coupling.

Found in mechanical, automotive and electrical industries
Available in various packaging

Optimum finish
Precisely designed
Resistant to corrosion

Additional Information:
Item Code: 101
KSW Coupling
Using its unique wrap around Nitrile rubberized connecting component, the Snap Wrap coupling eliminates the need for dismantling the linked equipment while inspecting or changing the element – a significant benefit when down-time on machinery can run into huge amount
Combined with a range of prebored hubs, a modular hub style and a spacer option, the Snap Wrap coupling can be unsurpassed for quality, flexibility, speed for installation and maintenance.
Bush Coupling
We certainly are a unique name in the market to provide our prestigious clients an exclusive range of Bush Coupling.

Installed in various types of machines
Material: Metal

High strength
Corrosion resistance
Perfect finish

Pin Bush Coupling
We are the leading supplier of an optimum quality range of Pin Bush Coupling.

Broadly used in mechanical industry
Material: Cast Iron


Better miss-aligning tolerance

Rubber bushes in a variety of materials as Natural, Nitrile etc. are available

Operating temperature up to 70 degree Centigrades

Age old confirmed concept
Agma Single Engagement Gear Coupling
High Torque Ratings
Large Bore Capacity
Better Fastener Design
High Misalignment Capacity
Improved Lubrication System
KRC Jaw Coupling