planetary gear box

The Ever-Electric power is a battle-tested modular planetary gearbox system designed particularly for use in the Robotics industry. Designers choose one of four end result shafts, configure a single-stage planetary using among six numerous reductions, or create a multi-level gearbox using some of the various ratio combinations.
All the Ever-Electric power gearboxes include mounting plates & components for typical Robotics Competition motors (550, 775 Series, 9015 size motors) — these plates are custom suitable for each motor to provide perfect piloting and great efficiency.
What very good is a versatile system if it’s not easy to take apart and re-configure? That’s why we unveiled the Ever-Vitality with assembly planetary gear box screws in the back of the gearbox. This makes it easy to change gear ratios, encoders, motors, etc. without have to take apart your entire mechanism. Another characteristic of the Ever-Electrical power that means it is easy to use is the detachable shaft coupler system. This system lets you switch motors with no need to buy a special pinion and press it on. Furthermore, the Ever-Electrical power uses the same pilot and bolt circle as the CIM, letting you run a Ever-Power anywhere a CIM motor mounts.
he Ever-Power has a selection of options for mounting. Each gearbox offers four 10-32 threaded holes on top and bottom of its casing for easy area mounting. In addition, there are also holes on the front which allow face-mounting. Conveniently, these holes are on a 2″ bolt circle; this can be a identical to the CIM motor – anywhere you can mount a CIM-style electric motor, you can install a Ever-Power.
Other features include:
Six different planetary equipment stages can be used to develop up to 72 unique equipment ratios, the most of any kind of COTS gearbox in FRC or perhaps FTC.
Adapts to a number of FRC motors (BAG, Mini CIM, RS-550, RS-775, 775pro, Redline, AM-9015, and CIM)
Adapts to a number of FTC motors (AndyMark NeveRest, REV HD Hex Motor, Tetrix TorqueNADO)
ABEC-1/ISO 492 Class Common Bearings, rated for 20,000+ RPM
AGMA-11 quality planet and sun gears created from hardened 4140 steel
The Ever-Electric power v2 assembly is now held together with screws that install on the “back” (electric motor side) of the housing. This means that the gearbox could be disassembled to change gearsets without getting rid of the gearbox output from the robot. Bosses have been put into the sides of the gearbox consequently when it is side-installed you can “crank down” on the installation screws without accidentally misaligning a ring-gear stage. The v1 & v2 type and output blocks cannot be blended and matched – A v2 input block must be used with a v2 result block. Ring gears and gear kits are suitable between v1 & v2
The base Ever-Power kits now include an optional pilot ring that will allow users to pilot the Ever-Power on a 0.75″ hole, rather than relying on screw clearances to find the gearbox. The plastic-type motor mounting plates at this point pilot on the type block.
Product Overview
Product Usage:
All Ever-Power gearboxes require grease for proper operation and extended life. We recommend using our reddish colored tacky grease, am-2768. We also encourage that an individual powers the gearbox constantly for thirty minutes without grease to allow the gear teeth to don in. While we carry out design and style with short run instances in mind, this ‘run in’ period for smooth gearbox operation, is recommended. Once this is completed, comprehensive grease of the gear teeth periodically to make sure smooth operation.
Single speed planetary gearbox, with the same installation and output interface as a 2.5″ CIM motor. Each planet gear has its bearing to spin freely on the carrier plate pins. A 2.5″ CIM Motor may also be used as the motor input, but requires this pinion gear ( am-0556) and a CIM Spacer (am-0555).
Motor Input:
9015 motor fits upon this gearbox
550 motor fits on this gearbox
2.5″ CIM Motor could be installed, with a bored-out sun gear and a spacer
Included Hardware:
Two – 8mm id ball bearings, (19mm od, 22mm od) supporting output shaft
One – Steel planet and sun gears, 32 dp, 20 level p.a.
Five – Planet gears (12 tooth)
One – 15 tooth sunlight gear, with 0.125 inch bore
One – 40 tooth ring gear
Performance Data:
(with the type being a 9015 Fisher-Price motor)
Input voltage: 12 volts
Stall Torque: 1.12 ft-lb.
Free speed: approximately 4,000 rpm
Assembly Tip:
Install the aluminium plate to the face of the motor Ahead of pressing the pinion gear onto the electric motor shaft.
Material: body is aluminum, shaft is 4140 steel
Mounting Holes: #10-32 tapped holes (2), upon a 2″ bolt circle to add at output shaft
Outside dimension: 2.5 in.
Ratio: 3.67:1
Shaft Diameter: 0.313 inch,with 2mm keyway
Weight: 0.63 lbs
Product Features
Stainless steel 416 special non-electrolysis nickle surface treatment
Integrated helical inner ring gear
Patented output sealing systems design
One piece planet carrier with result shaft design
Plasma nitriding
True helical gear design
Advanced gearing technology crowns lead of every gear tooth
Deep groove ball bearing
Lubricated with Nyogel 792D (Smart Grease)
With optional high grade backlash of < 1 arc-min
Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft
Ever-Vitality planetary gearboxes with result shaft are well suited for a variety of drive solutions.
The output shaft comes in several variations, for instance, as an output shaft with feather key for positive-fit and trustworthy power transmission. The feather major is a general connecting element found in numerous drive parts and allows you to achieve an instant and secure connection between the planetary gearbox with outcome shaft and your application.
The planetary gearbox with smooth output shaft is the ideal element for obtaining a force-fit connection to a coupling. This allows you to accomplish maximum torque transmission whilst in reverse mode.
You can also hook up the planetary gearbox with result shaft to your drive system with a toothed shaft. Utilizing a toothed result shaft standardized to DIN 5480, it is very simple to properly fit additional drive elements like a pinion with inner gearing.
The input flange of the planetary gearbox is individually adapted to the electric motor. The compact unit of planetary gearbox with output shaft and servomotor enhances your flexibility.
Due to the rotating end result shaft’s low inertia, planetary gearboxes with productivity shaft are the ideal solution for most dynamic applications. The adaptability of planetary gearboxes with output shaft gives you maximum overall flexibility to select the right product for your application.
If, regardless of the compactness of our planetary gearboxes, you need an even shorter gearbox, you will locate a right angle planetary gearbox with outcome shaft here.
Complete range of modular design planetary gearboxes for commercial applications. It combines powerful with low cost and compact size, good reliability, simple unit installation and reduced protection. Brevini’s professional planetary gearboxes come in a variety of sizes to ensure optimum timeframe and silent jogging in all sorts of applications. These in-range or right-position planetary gearboxes are available in male and feminine shaft configurations. The male shaft option (splined or cylindrical) can withstand strong radial or axial loads on the output shaft.
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g700-P planetary gearboxes
Accuracy in the application.
The g700 planetary gearbox is an excellent solution for dynamic and cost-optimized applications.
Its high-level of dependability, long service life and excellent scalability generate it an accurate solution for demanding equipment tasks.
For applications when a medium backlash is necessary
High input speed likely: max. input speed 18,000 rpm
Wide transmission range: we=3 to 512 in 24 ratios
Wide torque range: 44.25 to 7081 lb-in (5 to 800 Nm) in five sizes
Lifetime lubrication for just about any mounting position
Can become combined with following motors:
With synchronous and asynchronous servo motors in the energy range between 0.33 to 27 Hp (0.25 to 20.3 kW) 2212 to 17,9670 lb-in (250 to 20,300 Nm)
The Ever-Vitality Planetary Gearbox for Vitality and Precision
vrs inlineFull ability with the highest levels of accuracy. The PlanetGear of Ever-Power has the necessary power reserves designed for the most complicated electrical power transmission requirements.
compact design
advanced of efficiency
high torsional rigidity
low mass moment of inertia torque
high overload capacity
high dynamics
large transmission ratios
Ever-Power presents innovative, customised gearbox solutions in a helical-toothed design. The look of the toothing is normally carried out applying KISSsoft and our own design and calculation programs.
In addition to the provision of technical support and advice to your customers, we also take over the entire engineering method. By working closely together with our customers, we promise the development and production of the optimum travel solution in each circumstance.