rotary cutter gearbox

Don’t overlook to re-seal the gearbox with RTV following you have located the proper mixture. Even although they’re referred to as “gaskets”, they will not likely seal your gearbox on their possess.

If almost everything seems regular, try out altering the gear-mesh. This is completed with the mylar “gaskets” that sit amongst the primary gearbox situation and the input/output caps. Try incorporating or taking away some of these spacers until your gears have around 1/eight”-1/4″ of free of charge perform. Experts can purchase replacements ($one-two) in varying thicknesses, but we advise the swift and dirty strategy of cutting your very own out of a sheet of mylar.

“Groaning”, “creaking”, or “popping” all audio kind-of related over-the-phone. The best thing to do is to disassemble your gearbox and just take a search at the gears and bearings. The situation will generally current by itself in the way of damaged/missing gear enamel, toasted gears (like that photograph on our residence webpage), or blown bearings.

My Gearbox is Groaning/Creaking:

Lucky for you, we did a write-up on our site. It truly is known as “How to modify the enter shaft on your rotary cutter gearbox”.

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