Split Collar

EPT’s stainless steel and black oxide single split collars work very well on just about any shaft. Split Collar china They’re also long lasting, cost-effective and incredibly easy to use: merely slide the collar into placement and tighten the screw to lock it set up.

Indefinitely adjustable and easy to remove, one-piece clamping collars are usually applied to hard or soft standard round shafts, more than a split hub or on thin wall tube. Through the use of friction to supply superior grip on pubs and shafts, one split collars offer sturdier, more dependable results when compared to the set screw style of solid collars. They also offer tremendous axial power, while reducing shaft distortion for excellent performance and decreased deterioration.

Available in a number of bore sizes, EPT Excellent Products offers one split shaft collars, which wrap around the shaft to deliver an evenly distributed clamping force. This gives a tighter fit and increased holding power, without the normal shaft damage connected with set screws shaft collars.